Julia Hashemieh

CEO and President of Aryana Health Care Foundation

Behind the scenes of executive duties lies Julia Hashemieh's pivotal role as a cutting-edge surgery center operator. Guided by her meticulous leadership, this establishment has become a beacon of excellence that offers advanced surgical solutions and unrivaled patient experiences.

Before ascending to her esteemed position as the CEO and President of Managed Health Care, Her professional journey traversed strategic positions within the healthcare sector. Each step along this path has endowed her with invaluable experiences, molding her into the dynamic and capable leader she embodies today. Renowned for her unwavering pursuit of excellence, commitment to innovation, and dedication to patient well-being, she has cemented her status as a revered figure in the healthcare community.

Her academic prowess is underscored by a Master of Arts in Economy from San Jose State University. This intellectual pursuit has equipped her with a profound understanding of the intricate interplay between healthcare and economic dynamics. Armed with this knowledge, she navigates the industry's complexities, making informed and strategic decisions impacting the healthcare landscape.

While explicit details of her charitable contributions remain undisclosed, Her evident commitment to healthcare and community well-being suggests her active involvement in philanthropic causes. Her influence likely extends beyond her professional responsibilities, whether through her company's initiatives.